Monday, 6 July 2015

Weirdest requests from 2011.

Working in the holiday rental business, you're constantly in contact with people from all over the world, with different life stories and quite frankly, different ways of life; so you're bound to have a few... let's say... different types of people. One of our qualities that we pride ourselves on here at South France Holiday Villas, is that we try our very best to fulfill any and all requests from our renters, and it's safe to say we've had a few strange ones over the years. Here are the funniest and strangest ones from 2011. Be prepared for a chuckle!

"Last time we went on holiday, we saw Starlings being ripped apart by owls. Can you guarantee this won't happen at your villa?"

"We only eat organic food that has been grown within a 50km distance from where we are staying. Is this possible?"

"Is there room to throw a BBQ in the back yard?"

"Will your 3 bedroom property house 17 of us if we bring our own blow-up mattresses?"

"Will the weather be better in the first 2 weeks of July or the last 2 weeks of July?"

"Can you guarantee there will not be any dead birds in the garden during our stay?"

"The last villa we booked through you was gorgeous, but the locals didn't speak any English. Do you have a villa in an English-speaking town? We really enjoy the French culture."

Some of these are valid questions, just phrased in completely the wrong manner. But some of them are just plain crazy because there are certain things not within our power, such as the weather, or the actions of wild animals... I personally found all of these hilarious and it brightened my day a considerable amount, so thank you to all of the clients who asked us these questions, you've made a lot of peoples days better!