Thursday, 9 July 2015

A trip to the Côte d'Azur.

Earlier this year, my mum and her friend and colleague Jill, decided to go on a business trip to the Côte d'Azur.

They started their trip by visiting a fabulous property in Grasse, the owner of the property was then kind enough to direct them to the Perfume Factory. They had a good look around the shop and then spent quite a while talking to one of the sales ladies about Argan oil. They sampled so many different perfumes and products that they even ended up buying some for themselves. (I've pinched some of these products and let me tell you first hand how amazing they are).

Once they were well and truly perfumed-out, they headed over to Plan de la Tour which believe it or not is where Johnny Depp has a property (they didn't see him, I already asked and was just as disappointed as you are now whilst reading this). They finished their property visit which again was in an amazing house, I mean all houses are amazing in this region, and then headed into the village for some coffee, where they saw a sign saying George Clooney; my guess is that he has a property somewhere close by as well!

One of the most exciting moments of their trip was driving up some mountains which had extremely sheer drops at some points; however, there were such amazing views and they got the chance to see all of the beautiful beaches of Cagnes sur Mer and Saint Maxime. They loved the views so much that they stopped and had some lunch at Saint Maxime on their last day, so they enjoyed overlooking the sea and harbour which was full of boats, and had such a lovely day.