Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Lou Calamaire

A couple of weeks ago Sander and me decided we needed a break from work and wanted a night out. Jake (my brother) didn't want to drive us into the center of Beziers, but suggested that we go to Lou Calamaire instead, which is just outside the center and he would be happy to drive us there. Seeing as we now didn't have much choice, we said it was fine and got in the car, not really knowing what to expect.

I'd heard of Lou Calamaire before, loads of my friends have spent their summer evenings there for the past couple of years, but I had never been because I was living in Belgium. I knew it must be pretty good given that everyone I know raves about it, so we were looking forward to seeing it for ourselves.

Once you get there, you have to go into a massive football pitch/car park which is just across from the entrance. You walk down some outside stairs and are greeted at the door with a free drink (it was Ladies Night when we were there, so that's why I got a free drink, don't expect this every night!). Once you walk in, I have to admit it's pretty cool. It's as if the entire restaurant/bar is built on a deck on the Canal du Midi. There are about 4-5 different bars, a DJ booth, a dancefloor and a restaurant. When we were there, it was mostly older adults enjoying drinks, but apparently it varies and some nights it's full of younger adults and teenagers, just depends what night you go down there.

We had a great time, the drinks were reasonably priced and there was awesome music playing, the service is really good and the toilets are clean (although you may sometimes have to pay 50c, I didn't the night that I was there but it is heard of when there's a big event going on). While Sander and me were sitting at our table enjoying ourselves, a recently divorced lady dressed in her wedding dress came up to us, and asked us to sign her dress with black marker - one of the best ideas ever as she was getting loads of really nice messages on the dress.

After a few hours, Jake called to say that he was on his way and off we went back home. Lou Calamaire is a great place for everyone I think, in the early evening it's a lovely place for families to go and have a meal, and then as it gets later it's a great place for the adults to enjoy a drink and a dance.

If you're interested in having a holiday in Beziers so that you can get the chance to visit Lou Calamaire, then please click HERE and you'll be taken to our properties page :)