Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Béziers Plage.

 While Lisa, Simon and Becca were here, all went out for dinner at Beziers Plage. Pretty ironic seeing as Beziers Plage is neither a "plage" nor in Beziers. It's down a lot of little winding country roads that are near impossible to navigate through, especially at night. When you finally find the car park, you're welcomed by a man on a horse and shown to a parking space. There are bouncers at the entrance, so once they've let you through, you walk down a little wooden path through the woods, lit up with round lamps. As soon as you reach the main area, you'll notice that there are a lot of bar areas and a restaurant. There's loads of place to sit and it's all outside.

While we were there, we got seated in really comfortable chairs and the service was really fast. The food was delicious and the wine was perfect. We stayed there for a few hours just talking and catching up, as it was their first night here. The music was great and as the night went on, lots of people got up on the dancefloor.

Beziers Plage is a really nice place to go, whether it's just for a drink or for a meal. It's open all summer but gets completely shut down during the winter and they dis-assemble everything. There is a "chateau" there where the owners must live and it looks absolutely incredible lit up at night. If you're going there for a drink, try to get there before 11pm as that's when it gets really busy and if there are too many people already inside, you won't be getting in.

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