Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Béziers Cathedral and Colombiers for dinner.

Béziers Cathedral

A couple of weeks ago, Sander's dad came out to the South of France to visit us. One day during his holiday, we decided to visit Béziers. Having lived here for so many years, there's not much that I find interesting about it anymore, except the cathedral. We went up there and saw some amazing views, so we were up there for quite a while taking photos, and the results were beautiful.

The Cathedral in itself is really pretty, if you're lucky you can hear the organ playing and you can hear the choir singing.

View of the River Orb from the Cathedral

Inside Béziers Cathedral

After a day of walking around Béziers, seeing all of the historic sights and enjoying the amazing views, we headed down to Colombiers for some dinner. We ate in one of our favourite restaurants - the Pom'Canelle - which is a pizzeria next to the river. The service is great and the owners are extremely friendly, not to mention the food is delicious. The restaurant is located right next to the river, on the harbour, which makes for a wonderful view with dinner.

Colombiers harbour

This little guy enjoyed left over pizza!