Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Languedoc events during November.

Contrary to popular belief, the festivities don't abruptly end the second that the sun disappears. Sure, lots of restaurants and businesses close and beaches resemble ghost-towns, but the events don't stop! There is so much to do during the colder months, you just have to know where to look!

Here is a list of events going on in the Languedoc region this November:


Chestnuts are pretty popular in Cevennes, Haut Languedoc and the foothills of the Pyrenees, which makes it very understandable that there would be events based around them. In late October/early November in St Pons de Thomieres and Olargues, you can head down to one of the festivals and be greeted with shows, events, meals, games and workshops. There is a market selling local produce,
and you'll find countless stands selling grilled chestnuts to really get you in the Christmas spirit.


This is probably one of the best events to go to; from November to December, these fairs spring up across the entire region and are a must-do. Once there, you can wander around the different stalls, eating until you're completely stuffed and enjoy the beautiful views around you. Definitely something to do in the lead-up to Christmas. Here are the dates and locations of the fairs:

21st November in Limoux
06th December in Castelnaudary
12/13th December in Belpech
19th December in Rieux-Minervois
20th December in Carcassonne

30/31st October in Bourg-Madame
11th November in Le Soler
22nd November in Prades
06th December in Thuir
20th December in Ceret

12/13th December in Serignan
12th December in Florensac
20th December in Sauvian


By far one of the best jazz festivals in the region, it takes place every weekend in November in Conilhac Corbieres. The festival hosts prestigious artists on Saturdays, an alternative scene with after-concerts in the "Cave a Jazz", and "Jazz Sundays", exhibitions (painting/photography), film screenings and more. You can enjoy all of this whilst eating local food and sipping on local wine. On the programme this year: Big Band Garonne, Eric Bibb, Vincent Peirani Quintet, Paolo Fresu and
David Linx Quintet, Lisa Simone Quartet and lots more.


"Music Today" festival takes place in Perpignan for one week in November, and is held every single year.
The festival has an open and eclectic approach and since 2012 it has included more dance, circus, cinema and multimedia than ever before. You can discover new artists during the different shows presented at the Archipel Theatre. The festival also organises encounters with the artists, open
rehearsals and a variety of workshops.


This Gastronomy and Local Produce Fair takes place on the 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd of November in Ales, Cevennes, and is one of the most popular events in the region. The events and tasting are highly recommended and are what makes this festival so original and different from others. You can see the chef's latest dish, which you can take the recipe of and recreate at home. This event is definitely a must-see.