Monday, 19 October 2015

Autumn is here!

For me, Autumn is one of the best seasons to spend in the South of France. Don't get me wrong, the summer is by far the best, but Autumn is a close second.

By the time the end of September rolls around, most of the tourists are gone and the beautiful South of France is left feeling a little bit empty, but no less beautiful. A lot of the local businesses shut down during the colder months, because there just aren't enough possible customers. But you'll always find a fair few restaurants and shops that stay open during the autumn, giving you a place to escape from the cold and have a coffee or a browse. 

Go to any city in Southern France during Autumn, and I guarantee you'll be pleasantly surprised. The word "Ghost-town" comes to mind, but in the most beautiful sense possible. I remember a few years ago, myself, my mother and some friends of ours decided to all go down to Carcassonne for Halloween. We booked ourselves into a hotel and set off for the medieval city, and it was incredible. Not only was there hardly anyone there, but it was beautiful. The orange and brown leaves were falling off of the trees, onto the cobble-stoned streets, which made for a beautiful sight. We got the chance to walk all around the city at our own pace, without the pressure of tourists around you. We got to browse through the shops and have hot chocolates in the bars, before having dinner in a wonderful restaurant and then playing outside until nightfall. At the time I was only quite young, and this was at Halloween, so you can only imagine the types of stories I made up in my head about being in a haunted medieval castle during the scariest time of year. It was fun! 

Long story short, this region is beautiful during every single season, but if you fancy a holiday that's a little quieter, then come on down during Autumn, you won't regret it :)