Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Celebrating New Years Eve.

There's always a little bit of pressure surrounding New Year, you feel as though you have to celebrate to the fullest and have the best night of your life in order to ring in the New Year. I've always felt that that puts far too much pressure on the night and then you end up having just an 'ok' time, which puts a downer on the start of the year. 

Some of my best New Years have been whilst I've been sitting in my pajamas at home, eating chocolate and watching BBC One. Don't get me wrong, I've had some great time at clubs and at friends parties but it's never quite the same.

Celebrating in the South of France has gotten bigger and bigger every year, with more and more places organising celebrations. So this blog post will serve as a guide for those of you planning to celebrate in the region. 

Firstly, I would say to avoid clubs. Most clubs in the area don't open until late anyway, so you'll often have people drinking at their friends places before heading out to the club, and more often than not you'll end up yelling out the countdown whilst still waiting in the queue to get into the damn club. It's happened. 
Instead of clubbing, I would suggest going to one of your favourite places with some of your favourite people. Whether that means having a romantic dinner with your other half, having a campfire on the beach with your best friends or sitting at home with your grandparents watching black and white movies. To have a really great New Year, forget about the hype surrounding it, saying that you have to drink and party as much as possible in order to have a good time. Just do something that makes you genuinely happy in a place that you love, and you're guaranteed to have a wonderful time. 

Some of the best places to do this in the region would be the Cathedrale Saint-Nazaire in Beziers. It's calm, it's beautiful and it's in the centre of the town if you do decide to head to a bar. The clock will strike midnight and the bell will start ringing, with the celebrations of others resonating in the background.

Beaches during the winter are more often than not, pretty deserted. You'd most likely have to get some sort of licence in order to build a campfire without getting arrested, but nothing is stopping you from going to a quiet partof the beach and lighting a few candles. Valras-Plage, Grau d'Agde and Portiragnes are great places for this!

Make a little trip out of it and go skiing, Les Angles in the Pyrenees has some great places to stay and the town is buzzing with things to do. You could find a place in the slow on one of the closed for the evening slopes, and have some drinks with friends. Or make it a real party and go bowling or ice skating (whilst intoxicated for ultimate fun) before celebrating!

Minerve is a wonderful place to celebrate, you're completely surrounded by nature with some of the most fantastic views. This is a quiet village however, so any celebrations should be kept rather quiet so as not to disturb the mostly elderly locals. 

All in all, make sure that you're celebrating with the people that you love, in a place that you love, and you can't go wrong. 

Happy New Year everyone!